Reflection on citizenship and freedom


Those who are Dutch, American, South Soudanese or Indian are labelled. Who are we and what do we want to be in a world where identity seem to be more important than identification? What is the definition of citizenship while being Dutch, American, South Soudanese or Indian is a result of a coincident consensus? A consensus that claims that we need nation states in order to function and a world society.

The notion of nation states is questionable because of different reasons that have to do with the sustainability of the world that we live in the freedom of it individuals.

I am born in the Congo, I grew up in Tanzania and the Netherlands. I am more active in the Dutch society than the Congolese one, yet, some think that I am Congolese. What is the value of a nationality if the contribution to the society has not any influence one the identity formation? What is the value of a nationality if people who are born in the Netherlands are not directly considered Dutch if they don’t belong to the dominant ethnic background?

European Thinkers (Like Paul Scheffer) and policy makers (Like Geert Wilders) still believe that the simplistic way of dividing the world in nation states is the ideal that we all should share. Contradictory, in this globalised world with interconnections and networks, the reality proves that who you are as an individual is not defined by the colour of your passport. You can live in Estonia and have much more connection with someone living in Indian than your neighbour who belong to the same nation states and its welfare.

Borders are arbitrary and artificial. They were created under a different reality than the world we live in today. They were created not to protect us but to limit us in our way of thinking and interacting with each other?

We should make sure that individuals keep their right to move (mobility is a human right, that is what I believe) and make interaction possible between individuals of different communities.

It is time to question the notion of the nation states and wonder how sustainable it is and whether this notion is able to deal with challenges like the climate and refugee crisis that are facing the world right now. Individual urge for freedom will prevail and nation sates are not here to stay. They will be replace by a new consensus.

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