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Music can help the sleeping African lion to wake up

The giant lion in Africa is sleeping. What can help this giant sleeping lion to wake up? A lot of things are required and one of them is music. Let me introduce you to one song and one artist who express the positivity of the Congolese spirit, with the message: No matter what happen, we will stay strictly positive.

Innoss ‘B – Cha Cha
He is 18 years old and has gained his position as a big star already in the Democratic republic of the Congo (DRC). He is involved in different peace projects where music is being introduced as an instrument to create peace and to fight conflict(s). One of these peace projects are Festival Amani (Amanin meaning PEACE) and the International Masterpeace. This anthem of joy is worthy to share and express how hopeful the future is: “Ndenge ya ko expliquer bolingo na yo eza te” meaning “There’s no way to express my love for you” . Cha Cha refers to the the famous indpendance song in 1960. This was writen by Joseph Kabesele to celebrate the Congolese indepence. Get some Cha Cha feeling by this beloving artist.


The message is clear.

The orginal Independance Cha cha, about the congolese independance from Belgium.


Soure foto: Facebook Page Innos’ B